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Hoodland Locksley
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20th-Apr-2017 12:13 pm - New spam post over on Dreamwidth!
I have posted a new experimental spam post over on Dreamwidth to see how it goes, since most of you seemed ready to try it. You can find it here:


I hope to see lots of you there :)
19th-Apr-2017 01:34 pm - In regards to FIC COMMS...
Sherlock, Lego
While I don't mind exporting/importaing any of the comms to Dreamwidth, my question stems from the perspective of comms getting taken/shut down after two years of non-activity.

Is that a real possibility?

If so, transferring these comms only buys us two years. (I'd much rather see us archive at AO3 where we can be assured things won't disappear.)

Also, what if some posters don't want their stuff moved? Is there a "rule" in a comm that gives any direction as far as this goes?

As far as AO3 goes, I created a "Write Kate Right" collection and test imported a fic by railise. It officially lists me as the author/poster, but her info is listed in the fic since fic posted to comms always had headers with authors as part of that.

Anyone we can get ahold of can of course move their stuff or not as they choose, but what about those we can't get in contact with?

But AO3 is another of those places where people may NOT want their stuff moved to without their say so...

So that's my big concern no matter where the fic gets moved to...
18th-Apr-2017 04:44 pm - Future of spam - help???
I'm very sorry I've been absent for a couple of weeks! Mostly it was to do with stress, illness and other such horrible things I won't bother you with, but I do have something important to say about the comm...

OK, so I was very disturbed by the new Livejournal TOCs that we all have to agree to in order to carry on. I'm worried because...

1) I feel there is a real data-related risk. OK, so nobody's going to find out anything about me that's important to anyone else, I don't suppose. But (esp. but not only given that I have to maintain a public academic profile) I should at least worry a bit about what sort of information about me is on LJ, and where it might end up.

2) That's not just a concern about me, it's an ethical concern for all LJ users, which probably means I ought to protest in principle.

3) As Railise pointed out last week, LJ now supports LGBQT suppression as per Russian laws, and that's something I'm actively opposed to. I strongly feel I cannot to support LJ for that reason.

So, I think what this means for me is that I will end up deleting my journal and saying a sad farewell to LJ after all these years (13 years for me!). I don't like the idea but I don't like what LJ has officially become :(

But on the other hand I don't want to lose touch with all you wonderful people, and I don't want to lose our weekly spam sessions.

That leaves a couple of possibilities, and I'd like your help choosing between them:

a) Someone takes over from me as mod and chief spam-poster at hllocksley. (And then I just drop by each week using Open ID)

b) We move hllocksley to Dreamwidth. (I will be there, and it's possible to comment on posts there with Open ID if you don't have a DW account. But I'd really like to not be the only one over there with spam-posting duties because the next few months involve some pretty horrendous workload for me.)

[ETA that I have now backed up all previous hllocksley posts over on DW at https://hllocksley.dreamwidth.org]

c) Something I haven't thought of.

I'll keep my LJ open for a short while, while I'm moving things to Dreamwidth. It would be lovely to have some feedback from y'all.

I'm really sorry to spring sad things on you though :( I suspect I'm not the only person worrying about these things.
14th-Apr-2017 07:30 am - Peep Spam
Sherlock, Lego

Hello Friends!!!

It's Good Friday, with Easter SUnday just around the corner.

Hope you're all well and enjoying spring wherever you live. The weather here in North Texas is lovely at the moment. Maybe a bit humid for some, but it's not bothering me just yet.

National Hockey League playoff are in full force here in the US. My second two favorte teams are playing each other in the quarterfinals--meaning someone is going down right off the bat. Every tier is best of seven games and my preffered team lost the first game.

In other news, I'm making progress on revisions which is good.

Tomorrow is my writers group meetng which is also good.

Texas has added another fireworks season for "emancipation Day" so DH will be out of the house for a week--meaning I can focus on revisions--and watching hockey--without having to worry about cooking. :0) (which is good)

Based on the write up retarding the new LJ TOS that someone shared a link to, it looks like our little comm is safe. Also good.

Please stop by to say hello and tell us how you're doing!!
9th-Apr-2017 01:01 pm - Small Sunday Spam
I decided to put up spam post though it's already Sunday and I don't have a theme in mind.

I admit I wasn't too thrilled about LJ's newest update... Maybe some of you have felt the same way and haven't even logged into your journals yet.

Well, sorry I don't have much else to say at this moment. I hope everyone is having a nice Sunday!
30th-Mar-2017 04:58 pm - Restful spam
RH Guy bondage
I am very tired so I thought we could have some restful spam this week! Here's Guy not feeling happy about being woken up by the Sherriff...

So what do you do when you want to rest? What's your favourite way of relaxing? Reading a book in bed? Watching TV? Massage?

And of course tell us what you're up to :)
23rd-Mar-2017 05:54 pm - Picture game spam!
RH Guy bondage
I've got a game for you this week - open up your photo folder and post the first photo that catches your eye. Here's mine...

(There aren't any rules here. If you want a rule, it has to be the 8th photo from your 4th folder. Or just post a random picture. I hate rules!)

And you don't have to play, you can just come along and chat as usual and tell us how you're getting on :)
17th-Mar-2017 07:41 am - Spam spam
V hasty spam post, may not get back today but you all get talking without me and I'll try to catch up tomorrow! Theme completely open!
9th-Mar-2017 06:52 pm - Girlpower spam!
It was International Women's Day yesterday, so I thought we could have some girlpower spam. E.g. tell us your favourites female characters, role models, etc. And a good chance to talk about RH's women - I always thought that Marian and Djaq were great characters, for instance. And of course tell us how you are and what you're up to!

I'm in a bit of a rush right now but will be back later!

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